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Buildupp has been created by RIBA Chartered Architects and property professionals, with one goal in mind: to make the renovation and development industry simple, transparent and efficient.

We're on a mission to make your life easier by providing you with the tools and network to take control of your projects from the outset.

When you sign up to using Buildupp we provide you with:

  • A network of experienced professionals for every service, every step of the way.

  • Fee management solutions to obtain and track quotes: From architects, engineers, surveyors and contractors and many more ...

  • Track payments from professionals so you always know who's been paid, what's outstanding and how much is left.

  • Track milestones for project objectives: we keep you informed about the different stages every step of the way, with weekly updates and progress reports.

  • Independent professional advice throughout your journey: our team of experienced industry professionals are here to offer advice, support and tips whenever you need it.

  • Project files all in one place for updates to keep track of your drawings, photographs and sketches.

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Three objectives


Project management on construction projects can be daunting. Unless you're in control from the outset, costs can spiral out of control very quickly.

We know this because the founders of Buildupp have been in the industry for decades and understand how important it is for Clients to be in control of their projects.

From project budgeting, to finding consultants, we're here to make delivering your dream home as easy as ordering a pizza!


By speaking with us at the start of your project you can be sure it's in the best hands to deliver it on-time and on-budget. We have a team of industry professionals to help explain the space remodeling process to you whether it's a new loft extension, retail space, bar or cafe.


We carefully analyse the potential pit-falls, timings, different stages and potential routes to take, how much they will cost and how long you can expect for them to be delivered. Once underway we help introduce you to reputable industry professional that can deliver exactly what you want and when you want it by.


Unfortunately the nature of this industry still means that when you go into a project blindfolded, you can get taken for a ride, particularly if your main aim is to try and cut costs from the outset.


To put you instantly in control, we have fantastic connections throughout the industry to make introductions to a range of service providers, offering a wide selection of services at different prices to suit your budget.


We can guarantee finding the optimal team and price to suit your project.





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