Detailed planning & construction reports to answer all your most pressing questions

For just £49.00 we will deliver within 24 hours a detailed planning & construction report for your project, researched and prepared by RIBA chartered Architects. Once you have the report we can connect you to an architect in our network to help you design and deliver the project. If we require any further information from you to put the report together we will arrange a free 15 minute consultation call.


All reports include:


  • Details of the planning constraints in the area (Is it listed, in a flood risk zone, contaminated land and / or in a conservation area),

  • What type of planning route will be required (householder / permitted development)

  • What type of documents will be required for an application (Forms, location plan, drawings, construction management plan)

  • Council fees for this type of application

  • Timescales for planning

  • Other local constraints based on local supplementary planning documents and policies

  • Similar projects in the area

  • Approximate project cost

  • Timescales for construction

To review one of our reports please click here, and if you're not completely satisfied with the report, we offer a full refund. If you are happy to proceed, please following the instructions below. If you want to find out more about our project reports, read our article here.


Please take your time to review & fill out the information below and expect an email from us within 24 hours with your report.




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