Marketing with Buildupp: Your companies in-house experience as a marketing opportunity

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Most construction projects are successful because of the team of people who have come together to build it.  Whilst a company’s reputation is definitely a factor, the individuals who participate in each project have to work together effectively to achieve the goals of the client.


How well we work with each other in this environment has as much to do with individual skills, experience and personality as it has to do with a company’s expertise and culture.


For this reason, the successful relationships that are forged in this environment are valuable and should be maintained.  Not only because this can lead to future work opportunities – after all – who wouldn’t want to work with people they already know that they work well with – but can also enhance an individual’s professional skills and knowledge.  


One of the key tenets of Buildupp is that it’s much more than a corporate showcase.  We want the platform to act as a support network of individuals to engage and collaborate with for upcoming projects.


By linking individuals with projects, not just companies, this not only gives those individuals a way to stay in contact and discuss projects, issues and ideas, but it means that clients and potential clients have a bank of ‘ready made’ teams.


In addition, one of the benefits for companies is that they can showcase the experience of the people who work there, not just the company’s own track record.  This can be particularly useful for young companies and practices, as well as for more established firms who are looking to move into a new market or sector.  


The premise that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts’ is particularly apt here.  You may have someone who has joined the team with experience in, for example, grade 1 listed buildings, and that expertise will enable you to bid for a similar project.  


Buildupp can also be a marketing tool to showcase the different skillsets of the employees within your organisation as well as providing ready made references to back that up.


Watch our video below showing how you view people companies and projects on the Buildupp platform.