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Over the last 5 years there has been a marked increase in the use of technology within the construction industry.  The rise of the tablet has enabled all involved to view, edit, manage and report on the construction process.


There have been new developments in linking tablet applications to backend systems – such as document management, CAD and BIM – allowing teams to have access to up to date data for the site without having to keep returning to the site office.  There have also been improvements in apps aimed at snagging / punch lists which incorporate the camera, GPS and markup to easily annotate drawings to show issues, and to then distribute these to the relevant parties.


The take up of this technology has been relatively easy, simply due to the fact that so many people now use iPad’s and Android tablets in their daily lives.  


So, what’s next on the horizon?  What could make a real difference to how the construction industry manages itself?  We are keeping an eye on developments to see what might bring construction kicking and screaming into the 21st century!


MIPIM this year saw around 200 Property Technology companies exhibiting and speaking.  There was a very clear Innovation Area within the exhibition to highlight these companies and what they offer for construction.


The catalyst for change is coming in the form of disruptive technologies – the larger real estate organisations are realising that they need to get on board with the technology if they want to stay at the top of their game.


There were some very interesting exhibitors including the aptly named Disruptive Technologies, a startup from Norway now based in London.  They were exhibiting their tiny sensors that monitor everything from temperature, touch and proximity inside a building – and that have batteries lasting 15 years which is a maintenance dream.


Drone technology was also in evidence showcasing how the gadget can translate into real business benefit.  The demonstration of a new drone which can map real estate in 3D and download all the data for measuring, zooming in on detail and rendering 3D video which can help owners, building managers, agents and contractors.  The quality of the data is improving and the size of the data map is reducing which makes it a much more realistic option.


We will continue to explore the latest trends in technology for construction in the next few issues.


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